The Best Amazon Marketplace Book Selling Tricks

Amazon Marketplace allows sellers to sell their goods alongside other products that the site has to offer. It enables customers to purchase secondhand products or new items being sold by a third person through Amazon via the Amazon Marketplace. This is particularly lucrative for self-publishers who can make huge profits by selling their self-produced copies for much more in the Amazon Marketplace, instead of having rendered their stocks to a retailer. But simply having a whole lot of books is not enough to guarantee a success, and there is the need for something more to make sure the site continues to hold its sway over the market.

Tips To Set Up A Business Successfully At The Amazon Marketplace:

1. Geographical location is vital because your books are likely to be selected by buyers who are close to you to avoid shipping delays. Therefore, checking out competitors’ locations and feedback are equally crucial. The method of transferring books bought here is via the Media Mail, which takes a reasonably long time to deliver the items. This highlights the value of location when it comes to determining book sales.

2. When you happen to be a prime member, you can get a book delivered fast and without paying shipping costs because offers free shipping to its prime members. So it is best to price your books a few dollars less than the price placed by Amazon since it charges $3.99, which has to be covered by you as shipping charges.

3. At times, certain books are not in stock and you can then sell them at a premium whenever there is a demand for them. This may take time and these books are not bestsellers, but when the time comes the deal may be extremely profitable.

4. Focus on the newer books because you need to have expertise to understand which ones are likely to sell better.

5. All supermarkets tend to sell new books at a discount, so it is perhaps better to invest in travel books or classic children’s books that never go out of demand.

6. Try to exceed the buyer’s expectations by arranging for the delivery to take place within 24 hours. Excellent customer service will ensure repeated sales.

7. Make sure that the item is packed in a way that will not cause any damage to the book.

8. Provide impeccable customer service in case something goes wrong unexpectedly and unintentionally. It is advisable to tender an apology or offer a partial refund to avoid negative feedback and ensure repeat customers.

9. Streamlining the mailing process is very helpful because it saves a lot of time since the postal service picks up the item from your home or office directly.

10.Adjust prices to make it to the top of the vendors’ list particularly before peak buying periods.

11.Maintain more than one supplier and be informed about the sources where your competitors are getting their stocks from.

12.Remember not to make the book look better than it actually is; rather it helps to downplay its quality since that helps to ensure better feedback.

13.To record better sales, make sure books you sell as “new” are spotless and shiny.

Follow the above guidelines and be sure to get more and more traffic to your store at the Amazon Marketplace. When you can ensure timely delivery of your products to your buyers, you can be confident they will keep coming back to you time and again.

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